Home Decor Ideas for Small Living Room

Sometimes we get stuck about where to start for small living room decor.
 The following is the home decor idea for small space. Just some simple steps to create a cozy vibe .
 Home Decor Ideas for Small Living Room

Choosing the couch is always the first step for home decor

As the linving room are is small, a 1.4 meter off-white color couch would be perfect.
 Home Decor Ideas for Small Living Room

Put a shlef for the corner area.

Next to the couch is the mini bar area, which contains all the drinks.
You can watch a  netfix and drink while lying on the couch.
 Home Decor Ideas for Small Living Room

Rug ,blankets and throws

 We choose a simple style rug with line pattern. The short-pile carpet is also more convenient to do the clean up.

Small Coffee Table

Small living room with small coffee table can save a lot of space and also a great decorative items.
It would be great  sitting  on the rug and watch TV. The height of the small coffee table is just right~ 👌 Place the IKEA Malm four-drawer chest I bought before on the opposite side of the couch, which can store a lot of daily necessities and stocks.
The upper wall is left blank for projection 📹. I like the corner window of the living room when it’s sunny, it’s so comfortable.