EE - Jan 07  2021

 Carpets To Change Living Room
Decoration Style

The best part of this warm home is the different styles of carpets

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Warm sunny days have us dreaming of heading to a beach house for a week (or a year) away from the city noise, news, and work! However, most of us can’t make that dream a reality, so instead of sulking every day, why not turn your house’s dream interior into life? That’s what EE did in their modern home in Texas. Stepping inside her  home literally transports you into a  vacation. 
Lying in the living room will feel very relaxed. Moreover, the style of the living room will often change. Here, EE shared her secret.

Checkerboard Style Livingroom

Checkerboard Carpet & Blanket. Checkerboard carpets and blankets are the highlight of the whole decoration. Always be attracted to them at first sight.

Rattan coffee table. This coffee table has been chosen for a long time. It matches the color of the floor very well.

Beige sofa. The beige sofa will make people feel very relaxing. The whole living room has a warm feeling.

Bar Cart. The bar cart looks great in the living room but also very useful. 

Coffee cups and candles are also very good choices for table decoration.

Decorative accessories is very important during the whole home decoration.

Candles, Cups for table decoration 

Change the carpet will become to another home decoration style.

ream style

Keep it simple and stay true to who you are as a person. Each purchase I make for our home is thought out.

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