About Tiny Porcelain


Created by a group of ceramic artist team and interior designers in Jingdezhen, it's a place known as the "Porcelain Capital" because it has been producing Chinese porcelains for about 1000 years. Now we have a team from different contries.

Our goal is to deliver great ceramic vases and accessories that benifits home decor. 

Originally Design Ceramic Vases

If you've ever wondered:
"Where can I find hand made ceramic vases benifits my home decor or where to find home decor ideas that small change big?" 
You're in the right place. Tiny Procelain is where ceramic artists and interior designers trun for ideas into home decor.

Here we originally design the ceramic vases.

How Are Our Ceramic Vases Been Made

Each ceramic vase are fully hand made by our artisits. 
We choose the right clay and wedging them. Ceramic vases need to go through dozens of processes.

It always takes more than 30 hours to see its final beauty.

Make the vase by hand
Ceramic vases waitting for Kiln

Who loves Tiny Porcelain?

Over 20,000+ happy customers with stunning home decor worldwide with Tiny Porcelain sofar.

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Check our  happy customers reviews here. You would always find stuning home decor with Tiny Porcelain Ceramic Vases.


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