The BHBL Story

I‘ll never forget those days which I just lost my job. Stay at home playing games, drink wine and did nothing.

Everything seemed unfair to me.  

 Home is a mass.  It looked like this.

This period continued for about three months until i thought to do something.

I need get rid of this situation.

The first thing I did is : tidy the home.

It took me two days. During this time I got some strange feelings. It seems that the home some how just like my current life style: mass and down. When getting things back to the normal place and throwing out the rubbish just like change something inner my body.

I seemed got the lost ting back: faith and hope.

Things started to get better. From that time, I began to keep home looks better everyday.


Someone says: home is where you put your heart is.

Everyday we got home, we feels comfortable and peace. Our heart is at the place where we can recharge it. Tomorrow we are full of energy.

And, after you clean your home you will discover what you really want.

Home improvement is life change process. 

As I am in the home& garden industry, I think I should do something. To discover to share home goods to help people improve home and inner emotions to make life better.

Better Home, Better Life.



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