Stoneware Coffee Cup

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1. Are you looking for a coffee cup? If so, please check our products! High-quality materials, durable, can be used as gifts to family and friends, unique design makes your gift more special. This mug is suitable for restaurants, cafes, bars, houses, etc.
2. The cup has a unique shape and a unique shape. From Qualified Material, suitable for storage, champagne, red, etc., very suitable for many occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, parties, banquets, meetings, etc.

1. Made of high-quality materials, durable and suitable for long-term use.
2. Very easy to clean, just wash with water.
3. Suitable for restaurants, cafes, bars and residences.
4. Very suitable for storing whiskey, champagne or other beverages.
5. Excellent workmanship, smooth cup mouth, easy to use.
6. It is also suitable for any hot and cold drinks, water, slurries, fruits, soda, beer and other beverages.
7. Give it as a gift to your friends, they will like it very much.

Product information:
Material: Stoneware
Process: hand-drawing + high-temperature reduction firing
Size cup: Caliber about: 8.5cm
Height: 7.5cm
Capacity: 300cc
Cup and saucer: Approximate diameter: 13cm
Height: 2.5cm
Item No.: Coffee Cup
Accessories: Reel
Material: Ceramic
number 1
Manual: yes
Popular elements: pastoral style
Style: Japanese
Color classification: kiln turns white, kiln turns yellowstone, carbon black

Packing list:
Coffee cup x1

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