6 Tips To Make Flowers In Vase Stay Longer

Flowers are always the key to creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere of your home. But flowers can’t stay forever even in greatest vases - it’s a matter of time and your basic knowledge of gardening tips. If you want your flowers to stay in vase longer, check the simple tips below.

1.Cutting is the key

If do not cut well the flowers will get fading soon. A flower takes water up way faster and more effective if they are prepared correctly.  Trim 1-2 inches (2.5-5 centimeters) off of the streams’ ends, cut at an angle to be sure that they aren’t resting flat against the vase’s bottom.

Professional gardening shears are preferred; however, kitchen knives or scissors are also acceptable. We also recommend repeating the pruning operation every few days (if not more frequently) so that the stems will always remain clean, fresh and ready to catch water.

2.Remove the leaves

Leaving some leaves below the water level creates a bunch of bacteria that is harmful for your plant. To prevent this, simply remove dead leaves and petals that fall below the water line.

3.Different vases for different flowers

Even if this might seem obvious for you, still there are a lot of flower owners who forget about this simple tip. Don’t let the size of a flower confuse you. Long flowers with long blooms should not always be put in long vases or vice versa. Choose long vases for the light and delicate flowers, and put massive bouquets in small wide containers (also, trim them short - thus, they will have a space to open up). If you have more than one bouquet, make sure you separate all of them and give them enough space to blossom. Yep, if you have a bouquet of 10001 roses, don’t be lazy to separate them as well.


To make flowers stay longer, change water in the vase everyday (or at least once in two days). After pouring out old water, clean up the vase, pour over fresh new room temperature water, and add cut flowers. That’s the simple process that will make your plants prosper.


Unlike people who get beautify tanned by the sun, flowers hate it when you put them in direct sunlight. The same situation with air conditioners, ceiling fans, computers, TVs that create too high or too low temperatures. Even an open window might cause a problem of dehydration.

For flowers in a vase, choose a cool room with no direct sunlight.

6.Nutrients (you already have them at home)

Consider using the pre-mixed flower packets that come with flowers from your florist or grocery store - these are universally agreed by specialists to be the best overall method for keeping flowers alive. They usually contain carbohydrates (sugars), biocides (cleansing agents), and acidifiers.

If you don’t have such flower packets, just open your kitchen drawer. Good news is that flowers do not necessarily need any special substances to make them stay longer.

Flowers truly get happier and grow faster after drinking soda (almost like kids). Add ¼ cup (50-100 milliliters) to water in your vase and watch the flowers prosper. We recommend you using Sprite if you don’t want the water to look coloured or muddy.

Again, flowers enjoy sweet things. Try adding one tablespoon of sugar in your vase to spruce up flowers.

Surprisingly, alcohol can slow the wilting process. For example, a few drops of vodka decreases the production of ethylene (gas that makes plants mature).

Aspirin is not only used to relieve the headache but also keeps flowers from dropping. One tablet can lower the pH level, so the water travels through the stem faster.

Bleach will fight the bacteria and other nasties in the water. Be careful - adding too much bleach can kill your plant completely. A ¼ teaspoon per 1 liter of water will be enough.

Apple cider vinegar
Use 2 tablespoons of sugar with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and ½ teaspoon of bleach for the whole vase. Acid will help to maintain the pH levels of water and feed the flowers with nutrients.

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