6 Vase Shapes With Flower Arrangements Ideas

As flower arrangement lovers, we are always looking for inspiration or some unique flower arrangement methods for special vase shapes. Of course, some flower arrangements can suit for kinds of flowers.. The following are flower arrangement ideas for 6 vase shapes , you can easily try them on your vase!

1.DoubleVessel Vase

Flowers Tall kangaroo paw Moth orchids Painter's-palette
Flowers: Tall kangaroo paw/ Moth orchids/ Painter's-palette

2.Cubic Vase

Flowers Djulis  Cymbidium Orchid  Arum-lily  Tulip
Flowers: Djulis / Cymbidium Orchid / Arum-lily / Tulip 

3.Medium Vase With Wide Openning

Flower Tulip
Flower: Tulip 

4.Small Silver Vase

Flowers Tulip Tall buttercup Cymbidium orchid
Flowers: Tulip/ Tall buttercup/ Cymbidium orchid

5.Checkboarder Wide Vase

FlowersTulip Moth Orchids
Flowers:Tulip /Moth Orchids

6.Mideum Stripe Vase

Flowers Tall kangaroo paw  Arum-lily  Djulis  Moth Orchids
Flowers: Tall kangaroo paw / Arum-lily / Djulis / Moth Orchids

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